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When the second, and subsequent, baby comes along, you often find that your initial costs have decreased because many of the items you will need for them you already have. While it is perfectly fine to reuse the crib, infant clothing, and other items, there is one thing that it is better to replace — the baby stroller. While there are a number of reasons for this, here are the top five:

1. Wear and Tear: Between all those walks at the park and the mall, and putting it into and out of your vehicle, that first baby stroller has seen a lot of action. In order to keep your child as safe as possible, it is not a good idea to use something that has noticeable signs of wear. You might not even be able to see some of the deterioration and the last thing you want is a wheel falling off at a critical moment.

2. New Safety Features: An older baby stroller likely does not have the safety features that the more modern ones have You’ll find more secure braking systems, improved shade coverings to block UV rays, locking wheels, and stronger wheels and axles on a newer baby stroller.

3. New Bells & Whistles: Today’s strollers are not just convenient, they are a veritable power horse. You might just be amazed at all the new features that can be found, such as incredible storage space for the diaper bag and other items, and is convertible from a car seat to a stroller. Better wheels make steering a breeze too.

4. Specialty Strollers: You might find that a specialty stroller, such as a double stroller, jogger stroller, or umbrella stroller is more in line with your needs and lifestyle.

5. Storage: Depending on the size of the baby stroller you had before, it may have been wiser to sell it rather than waste the space to store it This is particularly true if you have planned to space your family out a bit.


cute little kids

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