Branding Food: 10 Clever Package Designs

Branding Food: 10 Clever Package Designs



Brand means the word of mount, everyone knows it better. Strong marketing campaigns and advertisements are required, all the manufacturer and producer stuck and besieged by such massive investment tasks, just for the sake of branding. Here, they overlooked the worth of the packaging; the paramount and basic branded factor. But the world top brands of foods have taken care of it very carefully and packaging remains at the top of the list in their marketing campaigns. Rather they are local or international brands, multi-lingual, culture-based materials and cost-efficient solutions, they always adopt. Because they know investing on food product packaging is 100 times better than investing 5x more on other marketing activities.

Here, the challenge is faced by the companies give tough time to understand the psychology of their customers. A long time and stay committed with their own, thematic packaging build their brands. If we analyze Nestle, almost 150 years have passed they are committed with appropriate and perfect packaging; this build a brand even at each corner of the world. After all, investment, quality and commitment; this is the combination that is so called branding of food items.

In addition to this, food packaging is not so sustainable, they are specifically designed and have one-time use, and they get disposed after use. So, their low reusability is another challenge, on the other hand, retail product’s packaging is re-useable and a continuing source of branding, actually they are self-marketing.

Important features that essentially required in branded packaging are; customized solutions, brand name on the box, logo of the company, its uniqueness, display, presentation, safety of the inside product, recycling and the use of other relevant information.

Now, I would share 10 clever food packaging designs and their success stories

Rafhan Custard is the most selling brand of jellies and custard across the USA, this Arabian product successfully build a brand not only there but also in Europe, USA and Northern world. Their theme packaging is the best example of branding; they have placed the resultant sweet dish on the box, so its customer understands easily what they are going to buy.  This is an auto bottom box that makes inside product safe and secure and retain its freshness. That’s why their customers are satisfied.

Pizza Hut, you already have order hundreds of time there, the major and fundamental success factor is there sustainable packaging, that makes the pizza hut and red chili. In addition to this people feel comfortable opening and closing of the box, all this comes with Kraft material bag. These are recyclable and absorb all the water vapors and their customers are satisfied. In addition to this their drink and beverages cups are also branded, smartly designed and become the word of the mouth. These mesmerizing and idiosyncratic packaging is actually the need of its customers and make them different from others.

Nestle, they have successfully completed the journey of 150 years on the planet. Their products are equally important among kids, youngsters and women. Almost every corner of the world is full of their products. They have successfully build the brand, this is because of the packaging, their smart and unique design with thematic colors are famous. They always print the logo, ingredients, how to use method, precautions, and a detail information that everyone require before buying the product. This complete knowledge for all the products make them sells at least 100% more.

Lays, yes these are crunchy and most favorite chips of the world, almost 20 million people buy at least one product of their brand daily. Their big boxes are filled with 6 bags of potato chips with different flavors. This bag is handy, and families want to buy a handy and smart box of lays instead of single bag. Their packaging enhances the customers approach and forces them to buy at least 6 packs at a time. This is just because of their cardboard packaging that is branded, handy and easy to carry.

KFC, I am sure you have tried this fried chicks couple of time, yese these are taty as well these are packed in especilly desinged Custom boxes that are branded, handy and lucid alos. They have different size cups, and rectangular boxes, deopends on the weight of the product. A fit and smart packging for all weight chicks are available and people love and feel comfortable carrying them. You can cehk in this image; different types of displlay and cup shape packaging. They agin on the winning side of the picture, they mainly focus on taste and packaging too.

Lipton Tea, as this drink is the second most favorite drink in the world after water. These Lipton bags are known with yellow color of the tea. So their packaging is quite representationary of tea. They are conveying a brnad message to the customer that you will get this color tea after buying our tea. So people are crazy and buy atleast one pack on monthly basis.

Wow! The top of the list Big “M”; this is known for amazing taste and most selling food brand of the world. Their food items are loved by all and sundry, the tower of big M in the market is easily accessible, on the other hand. The yellow color of M shows hot fried chicks color. This display box attached here shows the smartest packaging for small fried chips, so they have all sizes and shapes Custom boxes for the products that are smart and best fit as per the meal. These are also handy and catchy, so people feel comfortable and recognize their brand.

Coca Cola, this beverage is third most drunk in the world, their taste and packaging are same that was at its origination. Once they change their taste, they have to face abstruseness, large number of protests with the banners force them to get back their taste and packaging. They have same size bottles and corrugated cartons in the whole world. Their taste and packaging are the true example for all packaging manufacturer. Their simple, lucid and plain packaging is favorite for its customers.