Is a Bigger Braking Kit Better?

When it comes to upgrading our brake systems, we tend to go with the saying ” The Bigger the Better”. Yes, that is partially correct. Bigger braking systems that come with 6 pistons (6 pot) or 8 pistons (8 pot) calipers tend to require larger brake pads. This means there is more surface area in contact with the rotors, giving us more stopping power.

Most Big Brake Kit supply the hardware to upgrade just one of the vehicle’s axles either front or rear. Usually, the main concern here is the size of the brake calipers since it affects the size of the brake pads required. A car fitted with an upgraded 8 pot setup at the front and a stock size 2 pot setup at the rear can be a recipe for disaster. It becomes that the brake torque (braking force in simple terms) is significantly increased on only that one axle resulting in a completely unbalanced braking system.